15 ways to be more productive and manage your time better, according to career experts

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  • When it comes to
    being more productive
    , there are many time-saving skills you
    can adopt.
  • You can work in 30-minute increments, for example, or
    attempt to eliminate distractions for set periods of
  • Here, career experts share 15 ways to be more
    productive and
    manage your time better

There are countless ways to be more productive. Making
“to-do” lists
and working in 30-minute increments are two
common approaches. However, some productivity methods work better
than others and can save you time in the process.

“These days, we feel like we have less time than ever and in
some very real ways, we do,” Erica Keswin, a workplace
strategist, former executive coach, and author of the book
Your Human to Work
,” told Business Insider in an email.
“Because of 24/7 technology and the barrage of ‘to-dos’ that come
at us via email and text, it’s hard to keep our priorities

Keswin said the key is being more careful about what you want to
pay attention to. “Otherwise, we’re very likely to get sucked into
the wrong — or most immediate — things,” she said. “I always
tell people to start by asking yourself this one important
question: ‘Does your
reflect your values?'”

Here, career experts share their 15 favorite tips on how to be
more productive and
manage your time better
. (Responses have been condensed and
edited for clarity.)

ways you can be happier at work, according to career

1. Plan the night before

Before going to bed, I always take time to prepare for tomorrow.
I look at my schedule and see what appointments I have or deadlines
I need to meet. I prep the coffee maker and sometimes make my
“to-do” list the night before. A little planning goes a long

—Marcos Jacober, CEO of Life Hacks
and expert on real estate investment

2. Wake up earlier

When you
wake up early
, you have more time to plan and get organized for
the day ahead. Completing tasks on your “to-do” list early on frees
up time later in your day. By the time I get to the office at 7:30
a.m., I’ve already looked at my schedule, grabbed Starbucks, and
attended a fitness class.

—Ben Gold, president of QuickBridge, a privately-held
financial services firm

3. Figure out your main goal or objective

Decide what your main goal or objective is — think long-term.
The main reason people lose track of their time and day is because
they don’t have a clear objective or goal. So if something comes
across your desk that doesn’t jive with your goals, it’s a pretty
firm and easy, “No,” “Not right now,” or “Someone else is better
suited to handle this.”

Tom Murry, the retired
CEO of Calvin Klein

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15 ways to be more productive and manage your time better, according to career experts