A man got to experience the 'private' jet life when he was the only passenger on his Delta flight

Delta only passenger Vincent Peone

  • A Delta passenger experienced the private jet life when he was
    the only customer on his flight from Aspen, Colorado, to Salt Lake
    City, Utah.
  • Vincent Peone posted a video
    to Twitter showing how personalized and surreal the whole
    experience was.
  • Because the FAA requires all commercial flights to follow
    certain procedures, the flight attendants still went through the
    normal welcome and safety presentations — with a few little
    modifications for Peone.
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A man got to fly on a “private” jet last week when he turned out
to be the only passenger booked on his Delta flight.

Vincent Peone, a New York City-based writer and director, was
taking a 7 a.m. Aspen, Colorado, to Salt Lake City, Utah. In a
video posted to Twitter, he chronicled the unique experience of
being the only passenger booked on flight DL3652, a Delta
connection flight operated by SkyWest Airlines.

Last week @Delta gave me
my own private jet…kind of. pic.twitter.com/p14OGLw1jv

— vincent peone (@vincentpeone)
August 12, 2019


The video starts with unique announcement at the boarding

“Will the only passenger on this flight kindly board at this
time,” the Delta gate agent said.

As Peone walked from the terminal to the plane, he asked the
attendant whether she had ever seen a flight with just a single

“Yes, I have,” she replied.

The fact that it had happened before didn’t seem to put a damper
on Peone’s experience, though. After he walked up the steps to the
boarding door of the CRJ-700 plane, he filmed ramp workers loading
what appeared to be sand bags into the plane’s cargo hold.

“We’re just adding weight to the plane because there are no
people,” he narrated.

The flight attendant’s welcome announcement was also modified
for the unusual situation.

“Good evening, Vincent, and welcome aboard,” she said (likely
misspeaking, as the flight number shown in the video is a morning
flight). “We look forward to taking care of you today.”

“To ensure an on-time departure, please remain in your assigned
seat,” she added, as Peone panned the camera down to show himself
in what appears to be a first class seat.

He ended the video by visiting the cockpit and thanking the
pilots, and filming a bit more from the safety announcement.

While one might expect an airline to simply cancel a flight with
just one paying passenger, flights like this usually proceed as
scheduled so that the airline can get the plane and its crew to the
destination, in order to operate later flights. Cancelling the one
flight would cause a complex set of logistical challenges as the
airline would have to find a way to cover later flights without the
equipment or staff in the right place.

flew first-class in Delta’s 6-month-old A220, the plane Boeing
tried to keep out of the US

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A man got to experience the 'private' jet life when he was the only passenger on his Delta flight