Axa added insult to injury with a £600 ‘consequential loss’ bill

I’m still out of pocket for an injury suffered visiting

In June this year I was travelling to Japan. On the way,
I suffered a herniated disc and was hospitalised for three weeks. I
contacted my travel insurer
– Axa –
ich, cutting a very long story short, agreed to
cover treatment and repatriation. For some unclear reason, Axa was
unable to organise payment of the hospital bill prior to my
discharge and asked me to cover the bill in full, somewhat negating
the point of travel insurance in the process.

When I explained that I did not have several thousands
of pounds on me, I was pressurised to ask my uncle (currently
resident in Japan) to pay the hospital instead. I was assured he
would be refunded in full, including the associated costs of
sending the money.

Source: FS – All-News2-Economy
Axa added insult to injury with a £600 ‘consequential loss’ bill