Bosses, take note: Workers say lack of engagement is a top reason they'd quit their jobs

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Employees want managers to help grow their careers — and if
bosses don’t step up, they leave.

A new survey found a third of employees who quit their jobs did
so because they didn’t learn new skills or better performance. A
lack of career growth is one of the biggest reason workers leave,
second only to low pay.

Public-opinion research company The Harris Poll administered the
survey using responses from 1,433 full-time employees at 310
workplaces. Nearly all of the companies surveyed said they provide
career-development tools.

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Only one in four employees surveyed, however, felt the employer
helped them grow “very well.” Around 77% of employees feel “on
their own” to develop their careers at the company.

“Today’s workforce has options, and people are clear about the
fact that they want to work for companies that will invest in their
careers,” said Mitch Benson, a vice president at Instructure, an educational
technology company that worked with The Harris Poll on the

Younger employees are especially susceptible to moving around if
they feel they aren’t getting promoted fast enough, leading
companies to make new titles just to
appease their Gen Z workers

Career experts also say staying at a company that’s
under-utilizing your skills could hurt your career. Lynn Taylor,
workplace expert and author of “Tame
Your Terrible Office Tyrant: How to Manage Childish Boss Behavior
and Thrive in Your Job
,” urges her clients to
quit if they feel stuck in the same position

Marc Cenedella, founder and CEO of career resource The Ladders,
also told
Business Insider’s Rachel Gillett
to quit if you haven’t picked
up a new skill, viewpoint, or way of doing things in six

Employees moving around in
today’s tight labor market
could cause challenges for employers
that don’t give workers what they want: companies can lose out on

thousands of dollars
hiring and training costs, plus lost

signs someone might be about to quit their job

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Bosses, take note: Workers say lack of engagement is a top reason they'd quit their jobs