Davos 2019: Global economic outlook and climate change battle – live

The IMF’s Christine Lagarde and climate change campaigner
Greta Thunberg address delegates on the final day of the World
Economic Forum in Davos

8.40am GMT

Chancellor Philip Hammond has just arrived at the
Congress Centre.

He wouldn’t stop to talk and his team has said he’s on his
way to a “bilateral meeting” downstairs but would not say with
who. He was with about half a dozen staff, with a camera in

8.35am GMT

Never mind Khashoggi, let’s make money!

That, I’m afraid, is Saudi Arabia’s message to Davos – as
illustrated by this massive poster outside the congress centre.

At an event where success is often measured by who’s seen at a
reception or speaks on a panel, the Saudis aren’t getting the
cold shoulder any more. James Gorman, the head of Morgan Stanley, spoke
on Thursday in a debate alongside two Saudi ministers. And the
likes of Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase & Co. and John Flint of
HSBC Holdings
attended the annual Davos party thrown by Saudi oil giant
Aramco, according to a person present.

“I don’t think Saudi Arabia is in the penalty box,” Gorman
said in an interview with Bloomberg TV. Khashoggi’s murder “was
utterly unacceptable and the world including the Saudis want to
understand exactly what happened. In the meantime, Saudi is a
country of 32 million people. These folks deserve a shot,” he

Source: FS – All-News2-Economy
Davos 2019: Global economic outlook and climate change battle – live