Do film festivals help or hurt their host cities?

From Venice to Sundance, festivals often use huge amounts of a
city’s resources – but their social impact and financial
benefits are undeniable

“I found shelter in a bakery from the water canons and tear
gas,” says Yasemin*, a resident of Istanbul, recalling one
fateful day in April 2013. She is not describing one of the many
demonstrations that would snowball into Istanbul’s massive Gezi
Park protests only a month later. Yasemin is remembering the 32nd
Istanbul International Film Festival.

The Emek Resistance, as it came to be known, started when the
Turkish authorities began to demolish the film festival’s
flagship location, the historic Emek cinema. News that the
875-seater 1920s building was to be replaced with yet another
shopping centre (Istanbul had around 100 shopping centres at the
time; today it has 114) politicised old and young festival-goers
alike. Istanbullus like Yasemin took to the streets to demonstrate
against unchecked urban development in the district of Beyoğlu. It
was a precursor to a summer of city-wide dissent.

Source: FS – All-News2-Economy
Do film festivals help or hurt their host cities?