?Expats keen to invest in Pakistan?

LAHORE: UK-Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (UKPCCI)
President Amjad Khan has said that expat Pakistanis in the United
Kingdom were keen to make investment of billions of rupees in
Pakistan through joint ventures, a statement said on Monday.In a
meeting with the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI)
office-bearers, he said, UK being the fastest growing economy in
the European Union, has a huge potential for Pakistani businessmen
to have joint ventures with their counterparts. The process of
globalisation is bringing the people closer and there is a need to
learn from the experiences of each other, he added.Exchange of
business delegations and holding of single country exhibitions
could boost the bilateral trade. These marketing tools need to be
studied by the chambers and the diplomatic missions of the two
countries, Khan said.LCCI Vice President Faheem-ur-Rehman Saigal
said that there was no doubt in it that the United Kingdom, being
an active member of the European Union, offers tremendous
opportunities to Pakistani businessmen, but the two sides need
well-directed, sector-specific moves to achieve the desired
results.Pakistan is particularly interested in transfer of
technology, but to materialise this idea, expatriate Pakistanis
would have to play their due role, he said, and invited the
Pakistanis living in the UK to invest in the fields of information
technology, telecommunications, infrastructure development,
education, and food preservation technologies.
Source: FS – All-News2-Economy
?Expats keen to invest in Pakistan?