Good Driver? Prove It, and This Insurance Company Will Give You a Lower Rate

You’re a good driver. No. Not just a good driver. You are a great driver.

You watch your speed. You don’t mess with your phone while you’re behind the wheel. Heck, you even use your turn signal when changing lanes.

As a good driver, you’re less likely to get into an accident, right? Because part of what you pay for with car insurance is the cost of claims, shouldn’t your policy cost less if you’re less likely to file a claim?

We think so — and we found a company that thinks so, too. It’s called Root Insurance.

Take a Drive With the App

Just how good a driver are you, and what kind of savings could you bank? It’s easy to find out.

Step one: Download the Root Insurance app.

Step two: Take a two- to three-week test drive. Everything happens in your smartphone. You don’t need to turn on the app or anything; it just runs in the background and tracks your acceleration, braking and other driving metrics.

After two to three weeks, your test drive is complete, and if you qualify, you’ll get an insurance quote from Root with a recommended policy. And you can customize the coverage to suit your needs. Bottom line: The better you drive, the more you could save.

Don’t Pay for Bad Drivers

We all know certain groups, including teenagers, pay more for insurance because, statistically, they’re considered high-risk drivers. But is that fair? What if you or your child falls into a high-risk category but you’re responsible drivers?

That’s why Root is cool. Everyone has the opportunity to prove their own driving skills and be rewarded with insurance rates that reflect their awesome ability behind the wheel. You don’t have to pay more just to help cover the cost of all of those wild drivers.

The better you drive, the lower your rate could be. Pretty simple, really.

Take Your Good Driving Habits to the Bank

Download the Root app to get started with its quick sign up. (The company says it takes just 47 seconds!) Even if you aren’t sure you want to switch insurance companies, don’t you want to know that you’re a good enough driver to qualify? You’ve got nothing to lose.

Root is available in 21 states* and is growing fast. If it’s in your state, you can save up to 52%. That’s some serious cash. Car insurance can be difficult to understand. Root makes it simple. The price you pay is based primarily on your test drive results.

Plus, when you see that jerk speeding and cutting in and out of traffic, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you’re paying less for your car insurance than he is. That’s better than honking your horn any day.

*Root Insurance is available in Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Mexico, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas and Utah.

Disclaimer: Savings based on national reviews reported by actual customers. Form 1. ROOT RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REFUSE TO QUOTE ANY INDIVIDUAL A PREMIUM RATE FOR THE INSURANCE ADVERTISED HEREIN.

Tyler Omoth is a senior writer at The Penny Hoarder who loves soaking up the sun and finding creative ways to help others. He’d probably get the “Grandpa Driver” discount if there were such a thing. Catch him on Twitter at @Tyomoth.

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Good Driver? Prove It, and This Insurance Company Will Give You a Lower Rate