Growers warn of food insecurity

KARACHI: Sindh growers have warned that with an increase in the
cost of production the country was moving towards food
insecurity.To avoid that, they have approached experts from
Netherlands to help them out in value-addition of agriculture
products, officials told The News. In this regard, a meeting was
held between senior experts from Netherlands and Sindh Chamber of
Agriculture at the chamber’s head office in Karachi.Sindh Chamber
of Agriculture delegation included its chairman Kabool Muhammad
Khatian, Nisar Khaskheli, and Nawab Asad Rauf Sherwani, while
Tamseela Bano, a senior expert, represented the delegation from
Netherlands.Khatian said growers were facing problems in procuring
hybrid seeds, while an increase in the prices of fertiliser, diesel
and pesticides had increased their cost of production
manifold.Besides, growers were facing huge transportation expenses
to move DAP – an imported fertiliser – to their fields. Again, to
sell the produce in the market, the growers had to pay for
transport. “Our transport cost is in addition to our produce,”
he said.
Source: FS – All-News2-Economy
Growers warn of food insecurity