Startup investors are overlooking a huge investment opportunity in Germany — here’s how they can take advantage

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Germany boasts a robust and growing startup ecosystem, but
would-be investors often overlook significant opportunities because
the market can be difficult to understand. That’s changing
rapidly as the market becomes more visible. In the first half of
2018 alone, Germany saw 272 funding rounds — worth €2.4
billion, according to EY.

Germany’s Startup Investment Guide 2019
Gründerszene provides a step-by-step playbook for investors who
want to take advantage of startup investment opportunities in
Germany. The report explains the why, how, and who questions
essential to success in the market with deep insight into the
German investor landscape and the strategies every investor should
know to ensure success.

In full, the report represents a guidebook for anyone planning
to invest, trying to understand how the financing of young
companies works, or even looking for capital.

Here are some of the key takeaways from the

  • Investors are putting a lot of money into German tech players.
    In the first half of 2018, the region saw 272 funding rounds worth
    €2.4 billion. Most of these firms are located in Berlin, with
    strong presences in Hamburg, North-Rhine Westphalia,
    Baden-Württemberg, and Bavaria as well.
  • Private financial backers give funds to 70% of startups that
    take investment, though large risk capital providers are popular as
  • Partnerships between corporations and startups are an emerging
    strategy for success, but in order to see success, it’s important
    for interested players to understand common mistakes in
    communication and partnership agreements.
  • There are eleven key strategies every financial backer should
    know about their startups in order to succeed.

In full, the report:

  • Gives deep insights into the German investor landscape,
    including sectors on the rise, those receiving the most money, and
    which ideas are most appealing to venture capitalists
  • Outlines the challenges and opportunities of investing into the
    German startup market
  • Explains how to invest in German VC funds, including typical
    performance metrics and what VCs are looking for in fund
  • Highlights the most important German investors, ranging from
    digital underdogs to classic funding programs to well-known scene
  • Shows how established companies and startups in Germany can do
    business together, including important guidelines and common
  • Summarizes all you need to know if you want to invest into the
    German startup scene or you are looking for an investment from a
    German venture capitalist

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Startup investors are overlooking a huge investment opportunity in Germany — here’s how they can take advantage