The 25 best executive MBA programs in the world to help you reach the C-suite, ranked

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Working professionals with an executive MBA degree (EMBA) are more likely to receive higher pay and a promotion.

According to a 2019 Executive MBA Council survey of 2,390 people, graduates with EMBAs received a 13.5% increase in compensation. These students had an average salary and bonus package of $232,663 after graduation, and about 40% received a promotion while still in business school, Markets Insider reported.

Unlike traditional MBA programs, an EMBA is often catered to people who already have up to 15 years of work experience and are further along their careers.

Michael Desiderio, the executive director of Executive MBA Council (EMBAC), previously told Business Insider that an EMBA is designed “to address the needs of busy professionals” looking to earn academic credentials in two years or less.

“There are a number of reasons why someone would pursue a degree through an EMBA program, but the main reasons include the desire to increase professional growth and specialized skills, the drive to enhance career development, the ability to stay employed while earning a degree, and the opportunity to gain new perspectives on the business enterprise,” he told Business Insider’s Robin Madell.

More professionals have reportedly applied to EMBA programs in the last five years, with enrollment from women reaching its highest record in 2019, the Los Angeles Business Journal reported.

QS Quacquarelli Symonds, an online platform that provides resources on higher education, just released its ranking of the best EMBA programs worldwide. The company’s data is based on over 13 million academic papers, 70,000 academic scholars, and 40,000 employer responses, according to the company’s website.

Business Insider compiled a list of the 25 best programs based off QS Quacquarelli Symonds’ most recent data.

Each school is evaluated based on its diversity (which accounted for 10% of the overall score), positive career outcomes (20%), executive profiles (15%), the amount of thought leadership (25%), and employers’ reputation of the school (30%). The programs are given an overall, calculated score ranging from 0 to 100, with 100 being the best possible score.

Here are the top EMBA programs, ranked lowest to highest. You can read the full QS ranking here.

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25. Imperial College Business School

Location: United Kingdom 

Overall score: 71.6 

Employer reputation: 81.3

Thought leadership: 79.6 

Career outcomes: 61.5 

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24. Nanyang Business School

Location: Singapore 

Overall score: 72.5 

Employer reputation: 67.4 

Thought leadership: 77.9 

Career outcomes: 68.4 

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23. IMD

Location: Switzerland

Overall score: 74.7

Employer reputation: 88.6

Thought leadership: 56.6

Career outcomes: 72.6

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22. Rotman School of Management

Location: Canada

Overall score: 75.5 

Employer reputation: 69.7 

Thought leadership: 84.1 

Career outcomes: 68.8 

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21. Mannheim Business School

Location: Germany

Overall score: 75.6

Employer reputation: 71.4

Thought leadership: 81.2

Career outcomes: 97.5

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20. Warwick Business School

Location: United Kingdom 

Overall score: 77

Employer reputation: 47.6

Thought leadership: 90.3

Career outcomes: 99.5

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19. Columbia Business School

Location: New York

Overall score: 78.8

Employer reputation: 95.7 

Thought leadership: 96.9 

Career outcomes: 58.3

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18. New York University Stern School of Business

Location: New York City

Overall score: 78.9 

Employer reputation: 89.0

Thought leadership: 95.0 

Career outcomes: 66.3 

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17. The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)

Location: Hong Kong

Overall score: 79.6

Employer reputation: 65.1

Thought leadership: 78.2

Career outcomes: 78.6

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16. Cambridge (Judge)

Location: United Kingdom

Overall score: 79.7

Employer reputation: 83.7

Thought leadership: 97.4

Career outcomes: 75.4

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15. National University of Singapore Business School

Location: Singapore

Overall score: 80

Employer reputation: 72.0

Thought leadership: 88.4 

Career outcomes: 79.5 

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14. Esade Ramon Llull University (ESADE)

Location: Spain

Overall score: 81.6

Employer reputation: 94.3

Thought leadership: 79.4

Career outcomes: 80.6

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13. IE Business School

Location: Spain

Overall score: 81.7

Employer reputation: 94.7

Thought leadership: 58.9

Career outcomes: 90.6

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12. Yale School of Management

Location: Connecticut

Overall score: 84.2

Employer reputation: 98.9

Thought leadership: 94.2

Career outcomes: 74.0

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11. The Kellogg School of Management

Location: Illinois

Overall score: 84.2 

Employer reputation: 98.9

Thought leadership: 94.2 

Career outcomes: 74.0

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10. Berkeley (Haas) School of Business

Location: California

Overall score: 84.3

Employer reputation: 93.9

Thought leadership: 99.9 

Career outcomes: 70.2 

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9. UCLA (Anderson)

Location: California

Overall score: 84.6

Employer reputation: 92.6

Thought leadership: 94.3

Career outcomes: 79.2

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8. Oxford (Said) Business School

Location: United Kingdom

Overall score: 86.3

Employer reputation: 84.7

Thought leadership: 97.8

Career outcomes: 87.7

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Location: France  

Overall score: 86.9 

Employer reputation: 100.0

Thought leadership: 97.6 

Career outcomes: 82.4 

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6. The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Location: Illinois

Overall score: 87

Employer reputation: 93.0

Thought leadership: 98.6 

Career outcomes: 94.2 

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5. London Business School

Location: United Kingdom 

Overall score: 87.5

Employer reputation: 98.3

Thought leadership: 91.6

Career outcomes: 86.5

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4. MIT (Sloan)

Location: Massachusetts

Overall score: 90.1

Employer reputation: 96.4

Thought leadership: 100.0

Career outcomes: 80.7

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3. HEC Paris

Location: France

Overall score: 91.9

Employer reputation: 97.0

Thought leadership: 96.0

Career outcomes: 96.5

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2. IESE Business school

Location: Spain 

Overall score: 93 

Employer reputation: 97.8

Thought leadership: 89.9

Career outcomes: 92.1 

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1. The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

Location: Pennsylvania

Overall score: 93.3

Employer reputation: 98.6

Thought leadership: 99.9

Career outcomes: 95.5

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The 25 best executive MBA programs in the world to help you reach the C-suite, ranked