?Tough IMF conditions unacceptable?

LAHORE: The Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) on
Friday advised the government to avoid tough IMF conditions that
would ultimately shrink economy and jack up unemployment, a
statement said.LCCI President Almas Hyder said that if IMF funding
is necessary than no harmful conditions such as increase in
discount rate, more audits for the business community and utility
price hike should be accepted at any cost, it added.“It would not
be wrong to say that most of the Pakistan’s economic woes are
just because of haphazardly borrowing from the IMF, as previous
governments accepted their strict conditions without keeping in
view the ground realities,” the LCCI president said.IMF is
working for squeezing the developing countries, not for their
economic development, he added.The LCCI president said the cost of
doing business would swell if strict IMF conditions are accepted.
Source: FS – All-News2-Economy
?Tough IMF conditions unacceptable?