What We Are Reading Today: Yale Needs Women by Anne Gardiner Perkins

Sat, 2019-09-21 00:41

Yale Needs Women by Anne Gardiner Perkins is a historical novel
based on the first females that were accepted and lived on campus
at Yale starting the summer term of 1969.

“This is an academic work although written in a very
accessible style for the average reader,” said a review in

It said the book “started as a graduate paper and morphed into
a dissertation over time.”

The review also said Perkins “really allows readers into the
lives of several of the students and one administrator in

It said the author “straddles the line nicely between fitting
in the comprehensive detailed research she managed and making it
interesting enough that someone mighty think it was a novel.”

Perkins grew up in Baltimore and attended Yale University, where
she earned her BA in history and was the first woman
editor-in-chief of the Yale Daily News. 

She has spent her life in education, from urban high school
teacher to elected school committee member. 

She has presented papers on higher education at leading

Although Yale Needs Women’s principal focus is on, well, women
at Yale, Perkins also weaves in a lot of events that were also
happening at the time and impacted Yale life, such at the Black
Panther movement and the Vietnam War.

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What We Are Reading Today: Yale Needs Women by Anne Gardiner Perkins