GM is issuing layoff notices for 5 US and Canadian factories — but over 1,000 workers are interested in relocating (GM)

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  • GM
    has begun to notify hourly workers of layoffs at five plants in the
    US and Canada
  • The carmaker has 2,700 positions available at other
  • GM is
    also providing severance and services to salaried employees facing
    layoffs or voluntary buyouts.

Last month, General Motors announced that it intended to idle five
US and Canadian factories amid a shift in the auto industry away
from passenger cars toward SUVs.

The carmaker has begun to notify the federal government of its
layoff plans for the plants that won’t have “allocated” production
— in other words, no new vehicles or parts to build once current
production at the facilities in Michigan, Ohio, Maryland, and
Canada winds down.

According to GM, a total of 2,800 hourly employees are affected.
Of these, the automaker said in a statement, 1,100 have expressed
interest in relocating to plants where GM needs more labor. 

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building cars at 3 North American factories and cut its salaried
workforce by 15% in 2019 as it shifts to electric and self-driving

“Strong US and Canadian economies enable us to provide these
opportunities now as we position General Motors for long-term
success,” GM CEO Mary Barra said in a statement.

“Our focus remains on providing interested employees options to
transition including job opportunities at other GM plants,” Barra
continued. “We remain committed to working with local government
officials, our unions and each individual to find appropriate
opportunities for them.”

GM has 2,700 positions available at factories in Michigan, Ohio,
Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee. 

The company also wants to shed thousands of salaried and
contract staff — 15% altogether. Similar opportunities to
relocate are being offered to them, as well as severance
allocations and job-training services, GM said.

Business has been good in the auto industry for the past three
years, as the US market has posted record sales. But GM has been
weighed down by factories that have been running well below
capacity as consumer preferences have realigned to favor
crossovers, SUVs, and pickup trucks.

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GM is issuing layoff notices for 5 US and Canadian factories — but over 1,000 workers are interested in relocating (GM)