Reon announces 10MW solar project

KARACHI: Reon Energy Limited on Tuesday announced its latest 10MW
captive solar power project for Eni New Energy Pakistan at Bhit,
Sindh, a statement said.The 10MW photovoltaic project is expected
to produce approximately 20GWh annually.The output energy will be
used on-site, reducing gas consumption and avoiding around 140,000
tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions in the next 10 years, it
added.The project aims at integrating the new photovoltaic project
with the existing power generating facility. Once operational, it
will allow the shutdown of one the existing gas turbines and
consequently to cut down on operational costs as stated by
Eni.Mujtaba Haider Khan, CEO of Reon Energy Limited, said: “I
would like to congratulate Eni New Energy Pakistan for starting
this project of strategic importance for the country, as it saves
precious gas currently being used for on-site power generation. The
10MW photovoltaic project shall secure an additional energy source
for Eni New Energy Pakistan.” The project located near Bhit Gas
Field is expected to complete by October, it added.
Source: FS – All-News2-Economy
Reon announces 10MW solar project